Saturday, September 19, 2009


the completed armour will involve:

-a scale maille shirt, all pieces etched and aged, zippers on the undersides of the forearms and up the length of the spine
-3 floating plates on the back that will clip onto the shirt, with a decorated deer spine riveted on
-a bronze mantle that will frame the bones on either side of the back and rise up beyond the head
-a bronze helmet with smaller decorated bones running along the top
-bronze segmented finger armour that will articulate over black leather gloves
-large, decorative pauldrons also made of bronze
-a leather belt upon which armour will be attached with rivets over the hips
-heavy cloth hanging from the front
-a heavy cloth skirt

in order to complete the scale shirt before the 12th, I have to etch, age, and weave approximately 30 scales a day. I will attempt to do 120 today, as I have missed a couple of days along the way somehow. we'll see how that goes. I got my mannequin in the mail yesterday and I still need to get some pins to start pinning the front of the shirt up. the forearms and about 1/2 of the front of the shirt are complete now.

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