Thursday, December 17, 2009


it's dooooone

well okay, there are some bugs to fix on it. firstly, it's a bit too tight in some areas and I keep popping brass rings. first, I'm going to swap out all the 16 gauge rings for 14 gauge (eventually), and then I'm going to add more scales. where? I'm not entirely sure yet.

here's the finished collar!

I didn't get a chance to grab a photo of the completely finished shirt while it was on me... as I can no longer put the shirt on myself, I am now totally reliant on having someone else suit me up. blargh, how annoying. we'll see if I can't grab some good images tomorrow or something.

now it's on to the next step: bronze plate. I'll be taking a break for Christmas, and I'll only update the blog from now until January 11 if I did something in my spare time (or if I get good photos of the final product of the shirt).


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


my final final exam is tomorrow at noon.

I think I have a solid solution for the armpits.

and I have enough milk for a tea party.




I finished replacing the first half of the collar with the corrected piece of leather. it's so wonderful. however, I have exams to focus on tonight, so I'll save photos for later!


Sunday, December 13, 2009


ugh my main machine contracted a terrible virus. looks like that Windows 7 update was due to come earlier than expected... blargh. writing this post from the laptop!

anyway, after a good period of hacking away chunks of leather and lots of superglue, I got the first pieces of collar leather to the right shape and made a pattern for its replacement, as well as for the other half. I also got to install that second half today and it's PERFECT, let me tell you. ohhh it's so nice to have something work for a change!

it didn't come out as close to the neck as I'd have liked, but hey, I'm not complaining. I hope to have the collar completely finished tomorrow, and I might even take another stab at the underarms. I'm in the final stages, finally!


the drill press worked! I got all my holes done in record time.

however, the leather was the wrong shape. I'm trying to cut it up and superglue it in hopes not of salvaging the leather but of creating the correct shape for a pattern. eeeesh this is such a hassle. tomorrow, I will have the correct shape and I'll finish the collar and that's final.

>: O