Friday, February 26, 2010


I decided to cut off the little tabs on the knuckleplates. they didn't sit very well on the back of the hands.

this also allows for a better transition from convex curves to concave flutes on the back of the hand. 

I also finished treating the fingers on the left hand. here are the segments before I took steel wool to the finish:

they look so silky! don't worry, they shined up nice like the right hand : ) I'll be riveting the segments onto leather strips today with copper tube rivets. so far, all is well! I think these gauntlets are going to turn out rather nicely.

Monday, February 22, 2010


that's a lot of 2s in the date today.

I've been working on the gauntlets. I mocked up the back of the hands and the knuckles with some  paper, and I'm finishing up the fingers. here's what it looks like all taped onto the glove:

for reference, I took that with the 50mm lens on my new Canon 450D. I also got a 60mm macro lens to get some nice close shots. here's some scales:

and finally, the closest macro I could get of the middle segment on the pointer finger:

these shots could have been sharper if I was shooting remotely and not having the pulse in my hands wiggle the camera just oh-so-slightly.

something I love about my new setup is that I don't have to colour-adjust in Photoshop anymore. all the shots on my old Rebel (think: the first ever Digital Rebel) had either a red or yellow overcast, depending on the glass. now it seems like those colour-adjusting days are over! woohoo!