Friday, August 20, 2010


guys I know I haven't posted in like forever but I'm still alive. will be taking some detail shots of various parts of the armour and eventually I'm going to have some decent shots of it on me but I've got to get some lighting set up first, and that could be awhile.

I need more photos of these things, they're pretty keen

Thursday, April 29, 2010


okay okay I finally sat down and picked out some pics from the senior show to mess around with in PS. here's the best so far:

oh god lazy eye is lazy. hahaha

cheers, bitches.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have 4 pieces of bronze left to cut, two pieces of fabric, 7 buckles to make, a belt and a helmet to assemble, and 6 pieces left to etch. one gauntlet is done. I'm out of the copper tubing I've been riveting with, and I need to pick up buckles and drill bits as well.

the amulets are drying in their molds, they'll be fully cured tomorrow. I hope to have everything else done and ready to accept the amulets by tomorrow morning.

then, I will be done. and I'm going to spend an entire day playing Team Fortress 2. yeah, that's right, suckers.


just got back from the shop, I've shaped and treated the main piece of the helmet. however, I forgot that I still have to solder on the bezel for the amulet. this means that I'll have to destroy the current finish. rats!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


alright, let's make a list of the official pieces in this project:


5,500-ish scales (done)
11,000-ish split rings (woven)
3 large brass zippers (done)
2 kinds of black leather (done)
300-ish large brass rings (done)
300-ish brass grommets (done)
2 zipper stop endplates (one needs to be riveted on)
3 plates on the back (finished, but need to be attached correctly with lobster clasps)
1 deer spine (well, part of one. done, but needs to be attached)
*probably need to add another row or so of scales in the front
*would like to add material to elbows if I can get to it
*many brass rings need repair


24 finger segments (finished)
4 thumb segments (need etching, treatment, attachment)
6 hand segments (2 need to be cut, 1 is etched, the rest in asphaltum, all needing attachment and treatment)
2 leather straps on gauntlets (need to be made)
2 wonderful, long black leather gloves (have)


4 main segments, fluted, riveted, etched, treated (done)
6 small lames (all ready for acid, need treatment and attaching)
4 larger leather straps to attach to the mantle (I guess I'll rivet it all together?)
4 long, thin straps to attach all lames to main pieces (will make when lames are done)
2 lobster-clasp hooks at the bottoms of the lames? depends on how they lay


2 large halves that wrap around from the back (have asphaltum on them, need to be welded together)
1 connection piece (needs to be cut yet)
4 attachment points, riveted to leather from the pauldrons


3 pieces (main piece is cut and filed, need to cut the top piece and back bronze strap)
1 small spine riveted on (oh gosh I don't know if I'll get to this grrr)
1 leather strap with buckle to go behind and under the head (still need to make/buy buckle)
1 glass amulet (wax positive is ready for casting)


4 bronze pieces (need to be mocked up and cut yet)
1 large leather strap (have)
1 large glass amulet (wax positive is ready for casting)
2 loincloth/banner pieces (have fabric, needs cutting and hemming)


*still waiting on faux leather leggings to ship from Hong Kong
*need to get some plain black leather heel-less boots
*finally have a mannequin that fits (thanks mom!)
*black turtleneck looks great, might add fabric ribbon around neck from the loincloth fabric

so I think that's it! that's the whole costume. not TOO much left but still quite a bit, really. really worried about the amulets and the leggings. we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I started shaping the pauldrons and got one of them ready to rivet together, when I realised I would need to somehow attach a leather strap (which connects them to the mantle). so, I quickly made up a bracket out of scrap bronze before I could attach the two pieces of pauldron together and make it exponentially harder to attach a strap later.


I also just barely had time to rivet one of the pauldron sets together before the shop closed. unfortunately, it closes at 11 on week days, which is just so terrible! *sniff* I won't be adding the liver of sulphur to these to blacken them until I'm completely satisfied with the fit (just in case I have to solder or anything like that).

aaaand propped up on the scale shirt, with mannequin-too-big-to-be-wearing-it:

do you remember a similar shot where this was just paper? 


well, hello there.

I've been sick for the last week or so, hence the lack of updates. I'm almost unsick now, so here's an update!

all four of the main pauldron pieces are cut, filed, fluted, and etched. I took the asphaltum off the upper right piece, but it's not been treated with the liver of sulphur yet, which is why it's still so bright. as always, I rather enjoy the look of the asphaltum with scratched away accents before I go and etch it all and have to strip the metal again. the asphaltum has this really neat quality of being partly transparent, so it does this weird satin-y shimmer when you move it around in the light.

it's also kind of a tarry, gross mess. here's where a thick part of it had a hard time drying before I mushed it around with my etching needle:

I also finally put the fingers on the left gauntlet.


Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've been fighting off a cold/flu/whatever since Wed, but here's what I've done since the last post. I cut and filed the edges of the four main pieces for my pauldrons:

I think they look like space invaders.

today, I added some flutes to one of the pieces, but I didn't get a chance to get a good photo of my terrible flutes yet.

also, Ravon requested some shots from the scale suit, here's the inside of the collar:

and the underside of the 45 degree shoulder seams:

that scale that is conveniently reflecting my red curtains happens to be right at the top point of the shoulder. there is a seam running straight down and another running to the right. I tried to make the vertical seam as clear as I could in this image.