Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I started shaping the pauldrons and got one of them ready to rivet together, when I realised I would need to somehow attach a leather strap (which connects them to the mantle). so, I quickly made up a bracket out of scrap bronze before I could attach the two pieces of pauldron together and make it exponentially harder to attach a strap later.


I also just barely had time to rivet one of the pauldron sets together before the shop closed. unfortunately, it closes at 11 on week days, which is just so terrible! *sniff* I won't be adding the liver of sulphur to these to blacken them until I'm completely satisfied with the fit (just in case I have to solder or anything like that).

aaaand propped up on the scale shirt, with mannequin-too-big-to-be-wearing-it:

do you remember a similar shot where this was just paper? 


  1. Wow! This is looking amazing...I can't wait to see the finished work.

  2. thank you! you won't have to wait long, it must be done by the 10th of April, which is approaching ever more quickly...

  3. As always, amazing work. Never had time to thank you for the pictures, they've helped alot (or rather, are going to help alot once I get to knitting again), so a thousand thanks to you! The shoulder seam was simpler than I thought, and I feel a bit silly that I couldn't figure it out myself now that I've seen it.

    10 days to go... Looking forward to seeing the finished armor :D

  4. oh good, I'm glad it worked!