Saturday, October 31, 2009


happy halloween! guess what I did today?? hmmmm?


both the shoulders are now fixed and contain one contraction each. the contractions only helped a little bit, but they helped, so the taking apart and putting back together was worth it. I started putting the zipper on the back today. I'll treat it and take some photos of that part tomorrow. I also added an inch to each arm and half an inch to the front. and I scratched my 30 scales today, dipped 60 more in asphaltum. well, I guess I got a lot done today! too bad I can't say the same for my homework x_x

Friday, October 30, 2009


I have been making something in my kitchen.

I wonder what this could be? it's rather green. I hope it's not rancid.

finally, I've redone the shoulders. it took many hours of disassembling and redoing many scales. I ruined a lot of connecting rings. I even got black stuff all over my back because I had an itch. was it worth it? heck yes!

this picture only shows the one but I did both. it doesn't hang as well on the mannequin anymore, but that's okay, because I'm not making it for her anyway. imposter!

green cheesecake? hmmmm. I'll have to think about that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


a holy food exists. its name:

meatloaf. made with oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, bbq sauce instead of ketchup. mmmmmm.

as for scales, I connected my little strip of scales to the back of the shirt and added another row. woohoo!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



even though today was my long day of classes, I managed to weave 50 scales. how did I do it? I snuck them into class and wove them behind my laptop.



oh boy! another blog post!

I treated the last batch of scales today, and am at 730 scales for the month. not as productive as last month, but then again, I've had a lot on my plate! here's the entire batch after I rinsed them off from the acid bath, and although it doesn't look it, there are 210 scales in between those lovely bright blue strips of tape:

you ever get that one inflamed taste bud at the tip of your tongue from eating too much oily food? I've got one and I can't stop rubbing it on my lip because the bump feels neat. I wonder if people with piercings in their tongues ever get bored of this feeling.

I also made late-night meatloaf tonight. use oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, it turns out much tastier and more healthy to boot! made mine with oatmeal and mmm : ) can't wait to make some mashed potatoes tomorrow too!


Sunday, October 25, 2009


hello again.

I finished my batch in the acid.

cute, huh? I bought this casserole dish and as an added bonus, it came with a lid. I don't even have to drain the acid back into the bottle after batches, it just stays put, always ready.

here was my workspace yesterday:

so I got my laundry done too... and there were people waiting after me o.O I don't know why laundry is so popular right now. 


well, photoshop isn't cooperating with me today, so looks like I won't get any photos up.

finished my 210 scales for the week. bathing them in acid tomorrow. as far as homework goes, I've got about halfway done with my 3D assignment, the one with the leg extenders. I'll just finish that up tomorrow while I wait for people to stop using the bloody drier so I can get my bloody clothes dry because people have been using it nonstop and it's 3am and I STILL CAN'T DRY MY BLOODY CLOTHES.