Tuesday, October 27, 2009


oh boy! another blog post!

I treated the last batch of scales today, and am at 730 scales for the month. not as productive as last month, but then again, I've had a lot on my plate! here's the entire batch after I rinsed them off from the acid bath, and although it doesn't look it, there are 210 scales in between those lovely bright blue strips of tape:

you ever get that one inflamed taste bud at the tip of your tongue from eating too much oily food? I've got one and I can't stop rubbing it on my lip because the bump feels neat. I wonder if people with piercings in their tongues ever get bored of this feeling.

I also made late-night meatloaf tonight. use oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, it turns out much tastier and more healthy to boot! made mine with oatmeal and mmm : ) can't wait to make some mashed potatoes tomorrow too!


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