Saturday, October 17, 2009


I've cleaned up 3 more pictures from the iron pour. two of them aren't the clearest, but I thought they looked pretty cool anyway. here they are:

Burning Life also started today. lots and lots of people have been visiting 30 sims' worth of resident-built camps and 3 huge stages hosting musical guests and DJs. my stage is the Berlin stage!

I also caught up today on my scales and I should be dipping them in the acid tomorrow. a good day!


another busy day! I hope tomorrow will be a nice, peaceful day.

I made butter chicken for the potluck (finally!) and it was really good. so was all the other food! then we went to the iron pour and I brought my camera. got some good shots. it was an amazing experience! after that, I finished the Second Life stage I've been working on for awhile now. so, tomorrow I get to take a breather and get back to work on scales. woohoo!

here's a few of the images I got:


Friday, October 16, 2009


hello there!

I have been working like crazy today! I finished my essay for my writing class, wove another inch or so on my shirt, and then spent the rest of the day building like crazy for the Burning Life event in Second Life @_@

I'm in charge of the Berlin stage, which is basically a giant Giger-style insect. I hope it doesn't scare anyone off! opening for the event is scheduled for the 17th, which is Saturday. I'll be done tomorrow though. here's what it looks like right now... it's very nearly done.

if you sit on the pod things, your avatar dances inside them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm glad to be going to bed now... most of the day was spent on classes and much of the remaining time I used to work on the stage in SL. as the deadline approaches, I'm feeling more comfortable because things are getting done! haha.

didn't get a chance to do much in terms of scales, but I did weave a row onto the shirt.

wow, my hand looks veiny!


so busy so busy *_*

I've been doing reading and other homework in my work time and modeling in Second Life in my spare time (which has been delegated as work time since I have a deadline on the 17th and lots of work to do yet). any of the rest of my time goes to scales, and gosh, I'm pooped! a bit too much on my plate this week...

here was my workspace this morning. still going at it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009



wove a little, etched a little, worked on Second Life insectoid stage most of the day. I also had some reading homework and a few other things to do so it was a busy day, despite my terrible stomach ache. also, strawberries and bananas make AMAZING smoothies.

I wove four new rows (one inch) of scales on the left side of the shirt, just to see how much a difference it made. it looks like quite a bit!

when making scales, I end up with a large variety of colours. the most interesting colouration happens when I treat them with fresh liver of sulphur, rinse lightly, and dunk in HOT water. we're talking nearly boiling. then, I take the scales and basically squelch them in cool water, rinsing off any remaining liver. it produces a peacocking of colours and is just wonderful! it's lovely to mix these in with the more boring black-and-brass scales.

so cool.


@_@ it's so late...

well, I finished treatment of this week's batch of scales. I'll have photos tomorrow, it's too late to upload anything right now. it's been a long day... been working on homework and a public build in Second Life all day, along with the scales. argh.

my chair keeps ripping. I tried to fix it.