Sunday, October 11, 2009



wove a little, etched a little, worked on Second Life insectoid stage most of the day. I also had some reading homework and a few other things to do so it was a busy day, despite my terrible stomach ache. also, strawberries and bananas make AMAZING smoothies.

I wove four new rows (one inch) of scales on the left side of the shirt, just to see how much a difference it made. it looks like quite a bit!

when making scales, I end up with a large variety of colours. the most interesting colouration happens when I treat them with fresh liver of sulphur, rinse lightly, and dunk in HOT water. we're talking nearly boiling. then, I take the scales and basically squelch them in cool water, rinsing off any remaining liver. it produces a peacocking of colours and is just wonderful! it's lovely to mix these in with the more boring black-and-brass scales.

so cool.

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