Friday, October 23, 2009



scratched 90 scales, wove 80. the front and back of the shirt are now even (with the shorter parts of the front). going to redo the shoulders at some point, I like the current ones less and less. wow look at all those scales!

that's what it looks like on the back. I have to work with them flipped over like this to be able to weave them.

here's how far I've gotten down the back:

shnazzy! see you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


oh hey guys

120 scales dipped. 60 scratched on. 40 woven.

also, here's what 100 scales looks like:


not only have I been doing a lot of work with the scales today, but I also finished another colour for my Dravyn hatchling. just in time for halloween, it's the lava hatchling!

doesn't he look like he's having fun? now excuse me while I finish my chicken noodle soup :V


I've had the hiccups all day today. make it stop!

today I finished up treating the last batch of scales and also got my cheesecake pan back! apparently, it all got eaten by the next day and was cleaned and neatly placed in the cupboard until Bev put it in her office. whew, I feel much better about it. not only did it all get eaten, but it was out of the way and didn't get thrown out or anything!

I made some orange honey cashew chicken tonight and I have to admit that it was quite a departure from my recent Indian endevours and made me quite nervous. however, it turned out excellent after a minor bit of tweaking involving some cayenne pepper and more cashews. will certainly enjoy eating it tomorrow too.

this weekend i must catch back up with my scales! thank goodness I only have one class tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


once again, not much done for scales... had class 2:30-11 pm today. I'm starting to get a design together for metal extended legs in one of my other classes that I want to make with real materials. if it works, I may even integrate it with the armour somehow. here's the sketch, no idea if it will actually work though:

I think I'm going to remove the stopper arms that come down from the hinges and just have really strong springs. we'll see how it goes  : ) making a paper mock-up tonight!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I wove another row onto the shirt, but didn't do too much else on it today. I had some homework and studying to do for tomorrow. didn't have time to snap any pictures tonight! I have an exam in the morning so I'm going to head on off to bed. it was a solid day of school : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009


today I put 210 scales into the acid but didn't have time to get to the shop before closing for the remaining treatment. I still have some scales left over to weave yet from the last batch, so that's okay. here's a few stacks that are ready for acid:

it's fun to take pictures of these. they tend to sort of march off into space...

I'm trying to come up with a new zipper pull design for the sleeves and back. here's what it looks like right now:

as you can see, it doesn't quite match the feel of the rest of the sleeve. I'm also going to need to find a way to finish the fabric ends after I cut off the excess. kind of annoying. but anyway, yeah, that's pretty much all I did today.