Tuesday, April 6, 2010


alright, let's make a list of the official pieces in this project:


5,500-ish scales (done)
11,000-ish split rings (woven)
3 large brass zippers (done)
2 kinds of black leather (done)
300-ish large brass rings (done)
300-ish brass grommets (done)
2 zipper stop endplates (one needs to be riveted on)
3 plates on the back (finished, but need to be attached correctly with lobster clasps)
1 deer spine (well, part of one. done, but needs to be attached)
*probably need to add another row or so of scales in the front
*would like to add material to elbows if I can get to it
*many brass rings need repair


24 finger segments (finished)
4 thumb segments (need etching, treatment, attachment)
6 hand segments (2 need to be cut, 1 is etched, the rest in asphaltum, all needing attachment and treatment)
2 leather straps on gauntlets (need to be made)
2 wonderful, long black leather gloves (have)


4 main segments, fluted, riveted, etched, treated (done)
6 small lames (all ready for acid, need treatment and attaching)
4 larger leather straps to attach to the mantle (I guess I'll rivet it all together?)
4 long, thin straps to attach all lames to main pieces (will make when lames are done)
2 lobster-clasp hooks at the bottoms of the lames? depends on how they lay


2 large halves that wrap around from the back (have asphaltum on them, need to be welded together)
1 connection piece (needs to be cut yet)
4 attachment points, riveted to leather from the pauldrons


3 pieces (main piece is cut and filed, need to cut the top piece and back bronze strap)
1 small spine riveted on (oh gosh I don't know if I'll get to this grrr)
1 leather strap with buckle to go behind and under the head (still need to make/buy buckle)
1 glass amulet (wax positive is ready for casting)


4 bronze pieces (need to be mocked up and cut yet)
1 large leather strap (have)
1 large glass amulet (wax positive is ready for casting)
2 loincloth/banner pieces (have fabric, needs cutting and hemming)


*still waiting on faux leather leggings to ship from Hong Kong
*need to get some plain black leather heel-less boots
*finally have a mannequin that fits (thanks mom!)
*black turtleneck looks great, might add fabric ribbon around neck from the loincloth fabric

so I think that's it! that's the whole costume. not TOO much left but still quite a bit, really. really worried about the amulets and the leggings. we'll see what happens.

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