Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have 4 pieces of bronze left to cut, two pieces of fabric, 7 buckles to make, a belt and a helmet to assemble, and 6 pieces left to etch. one gauntlet is done. I'm out of the copper tubing I've been riveting with, and I need to pick up buckles and drill bits as well.

the amulets are drying in their molds, they'll be fully cured tomorrow. I hope to have everything else done and ready to accept the amulets by tomorrow morning.

then, I will be done. and I'm going to spend an entire day playing Team Fortress 2. yeah, that's right, suckers.


just got back from the shop, I've shaped and treated the main piece of the helmet. however, I forgot that I still have to solder on the bezel for the amulet. this means that I'll have to destroy the current finish. rats!

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