Friday, February 26, 2010


I decided to cut off the little tabs on the knuckleplates. they didn't sit very well on the back of the hands.

this also allows for a better transition from convex curves to concave flutes on the back of the hand. 

I also finished treating the fingers on the left hand. here are the segments before I took steel wool to the finish:

they look so silky! don't worry, they shined up nice like the right hand : ) I'll be riveting the segments onto leather strips today with copper tube rivets. so far, all is well! I think these gauntlets are going to turn out rather nicely.

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  1. You mentioned you work in a shop are you in High School or College/University? Also, another question I have is the metal sheet before it is cut looks like its been folded.

    Could you add a list of tools used to make the armed gauntlets?

    They look incredible, I hope if this is for a class you get an A or the highest grade possible!!

    Thanks for posting the process