Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've riveted the right hand finger segments onto 4 strips of leather.

after this, I superglued leather to leather to attach them to the gloves. superglue holds suprisingly well between two leather surfaces! here's how the fingers look glued on:

and by the way, dragging the tips of the fingers across the wall DOES leave marks. *grin*

can you guess what fruit this is?


  1. That looks like some sort of pitahaya to me, although I've never seen a yellow one before...

    Love the fingers, and scales, and all of it this far.
    If one were to bombard you with questions, what's the likelyhood of getting answers? :3

  2. I read all the comments I receive, and I try to answer them when I can. fire away!

    also, it's not a pitahaya, but good guess!

  3. My wife and I are such food geeks! We both had the same thoughts, first being that it might be a Monstera Deliciosa (delicious monster), but then decided that it was a cherimoya.