Thursday, December 17, 2009


it's dooooone

well okay, there are some bugs to fix on it. firstly, it's a bit too tight in some areas and I keep popping brass rings. first, I'm going to swap out all the 16 gauge rings for 14 gauge (eventually), and then I'm going to add more scales. where? I'm not entirely sure yet.

here's the finished collar!

I didn't get a chance to grab a photo of the completely finished shirt while it was on me... as I can no longer put the shirt on myself, I am now totally reliant on having someone else suit me up. blargh, how annoying. we'll see if I can't grab some good images tomorrow or something.

now it's on to the next step: bronze plate. I'll be taking a break for Christmas, and I'll only update the blog from now until January 11 if I did something in my spare time (or if I get good photos of the final product of the shirt).



  1. hmm... to put it on yourself- what if you could find a way to make it hang or if you devised a standing hanger system or some such? maybe you could climb into it from underneath? or...? just an idea :)

  2. the hard part is getting my arms around to the back zipper with the sleeves on. after I added the leather underarms, I can't cheat by bypassing the sleeves through the holes anymore. the elbows just don't allow enough bending to access the zipper when it's in the middle of my back. I am going to make a much longer zipper pull and see if that works though *_*

  3. oh, i get it now;) hope the longer zipper works out. keep us posted!