Monday, January 18, 2010


hey guys! it's been a long break, I know!

but now it's 2010 and we're in the future, where people say "twenty-_____". shnazzy.

I've been very busy, but not on my armour. since I haven't updated in awhile I wanted to at least post some cat pictures. this is Camus, and he is very indifferent.

the Camus does not care.

he sure is cute though. <3

most of what has been keeping me busy lately has been Second Life work. first, I finished the new Dravyn V2. then I had to recolour it in 6 colours (I'm on colour 5 right now). then I had to make some rocks for an SL presentation area in a desert, and then I had to make an alien texture for AI rabbits (it ended up with 6 eyes that blinked from the bottom and 3 pupils in each). here's the Dravyn colours:

so far it's been a record month for sales : ) I also got a new 50mm prime lense over the holidays, hence the better-than-normal image quality for my photos. next time I get my suit on, I'll have to get a photo!



  1. Camus! what a great name!
    (i read 'The Fall' a year or so ago and that's a great book; i think i'll re-read 'The Stranger' and start 'The Myth of Sisyphus' now- it's hard to read books though when you {think} you already know the outcome...)

  2. that's SO cool! (your work and your kitty :)