Sunday, October 4, 2009


oh no, I stayed up too late! I found the blog for Maru the cat and got distracted for many hours.

today I wove 4 rows of scales onto the back and added one contraction to each side. plus, my new camera came today! I don't really know how to work it very well yet, but I took some pictures today after a long time without new images. how exciting! I promise to take more soon!

this is an image of the back of the mannequin. you can see I used a large safety pin to hold it together. the space in the middle is where the zipper will be grommeted into place. there is enough length now for eight grommets! but I will wait until I have more done before I add the zipper because it would look silly with so few connections.

this photo shows the scales moving over the right shoulder from the back. you can see the lines left on the scales from my steel wool but I promise that the scales are very smooth to touch!

I made more butter chicken today. it's very good, but I think my last batch was better. I will add more spices tomorrow. I also remembered to check the refrigerator in the metals studio today but there was no cheesecake! I couldn't even find the pan. I hope it didn't get thrown out!

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