Sunday, March 14, 2010


oh boy! time for pie!

my mom visited today and we went to see the butterflies at the Frederick Meijer Gardens. they imported 6000 chrysalises as well as a few atlas moth cocoons (the moths hadn't hatched yet) and we brought along our cameras for the ride : )

here's one very bright shot:

here's a slightly less colourful but much more intense flutterer:

I also found some weird tropical plants:

a strange, scaley plant:

some tiny red flowers:

some bright cactus flowers:

and even a pitcher plant!

all in all, it was a rather fun trip! I look forward to getting back into the shop again tomorrow, though. 


  1. You're gonna make me buy a new expensive camera at this rate...

    So you said to ask away, and I'll begin with the obnoxious questions :3
    Can we get more pics of the inside of the collar? I'm pretty curious as to exactly how it rests on the shoulders, and the final shape of it and stuff like that.
    More importantly, how exactly did you attach the collar? Minute calculation or trial-and-error? I think one of the neatest looking parts of the collar is the transition from throat-to-neck area, where it curls nicely on the shoulder... Do want ;_;

    I'm also abit curious about the shoulder seam, as I can't make out the details of the rings from the pictures you've posted so far.

    Anyways, regardless of what answers I get you're probably making the coolest looking armor in the history of mankind, and I look forward to the finished product! (F5 meets this page several times a day)

  2. ehehehe glad to hear you like the blog!

    I'll go ahead and takes some images of the inside of the collar and some of the underside of the shoulder seams, if that'd help. and yeah, I did the collar through trial and error. I made a paper mock-up for it but it proved to be the wrong shape anyway, so when I cut the leather and it didn't fit correctly, I just cut away at it and glued it together until it was the right shape. then, I cut a fresh set of leather bits and worked them in. I think I have a photo somewhere here that shows the shape of the leather that was the WRONG shape. I ended up making it less long and I made the front and back pieces run parallel (instead of pointing away from each other).

    hope that helps : D

    PS: cameras are hella fun.