Thursday, October 1, 2009


wow, October already? goodness!

well, I've got another batch of 210 scales ready for the acid tomorrow... 2 days early : ) now that feels good! hopefully, I'll remember my cheesecake tin when I go in this time. I hope it got eaten and it's not just getting moldy in the fridge back at the metals shop.

my shirt is finally turning into a wearable object. there's enough weight in the back to keep it from tugging forward too heavily, though it still requires a safety pin to keep it on. pretty soon, I'll start adding contractions to the back and maybe by next week, the front and back will be long enough to add scales across the sides (depending on where I want the leather to end under the armpits). I have to really start thinking about that leather; it's really thin. I'm not sure if I want to risk it wearing out prematurely and getting holes in it. I may buy another thicker sheet of leather from eBay, just to be sure. will also be buying boning for the collar soon. whew, what an expensive project!

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