Sunday, September 27, 2009


well the battery is finally dead on my camera and I can't find the bloody charger so no new images today. however, I do have some images of my paper mockup from a few months back so I'll put up one of those images for you. this is my mockup for the helmet and the mantle, which will be done in bronze after I finish the scales.

I got about half of my homework done today but that's okay because I only have two classes tomorrow. I went to Artprize this morning in Grand Rapids and the city was all abuzz! it was really exciting. most of the pieces I didn't care for but there was a giant foam Loch Ness monster in the river that I took a few photos of on my crappy cellphone camera that I may upload later if they came out halfway decent. when we got back, I worked more on my scales (of course) and I finally got the first sheet of scales I made to look like the rest of them. you see, after a lot of wear on it, the colour ended up much more brassy than any of the other batches of scales. I also believe I didn't understand the technique as well when I started off and didn't get much copper into the finish, but now that it's fixed, I added the sheet (in two halves) to both shoulders so now I have some scales running down the upper arms. woohoo!

I may have made the chest slightly too wide and the scales lining the front of the armpits have a tendancy to fold, but if I pat the scales down just right, it doesn't. I may have to remove some scales and add a contraction (shiver) but we'll see how it moves when I get some more scales added.

as a side note, the mocha frappuccino drink thing at McDonalds is surprisingly tasty!

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