Saturday, September 26, 2009


today, I finished my 210 scales for the week (3 days early) and treated them. now I"m weaving and the back is finally getting far enough along to where I can drape it over my shoulders and lean back and it stays on. how exciting! I'm really tired but I think I want to do one more row of weaving because I'm too excited to wait : x and okay yeah who was I kidding, I barely got any homework done. *sigh*

I'm looking into sources for 18 or 16 gauge bronze sheet for my armour. so far, I found a place online that sells for $35/yard, which is not too shabby! this project has cost me well over $700 so far in materials so an extra $70-$100 will be a drop in the bucket. hah.

as a test piece, I made some finger armour a few months back, which seems to not fit anymore over the thin black leather glove I purchased to go underneath it so I may end up not using it. oh well... it only took a few days to make anyway. man I love shaping metal *_*

getting ever closer to finishing!

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