Monday, September 21, 2009


so I did 60 scales yesterday, and my 30 for today. I'm back on schedule : )

I pinned the front and beginnings of the back of the vest portion of the shirt up on my mannequin last night. she looks pretty snazzy. I've run out of finished scales so I'm waiting on the completion of the next 200 batch to add just a little more. I'm slowly getting closer to being able to wear it, and it's exciting!

the little hummingbird has perked up quite a bit since yesterday. she's making more frequent attempts to fly and she's very chirpy. she also likes to scoot up and down her little branch when I poke her. she's such a cute little ball of fluff! I tried calling a few rehabilitation centers last night but no one seems to want to take her in. I'll keep trying.

made some butter chicken tonight. my goodness, it was delicious. ^o^

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