Friday, September 25, 2009


sadly, the little chirpy hummingbird passed away Wed. night in her sleep. I don't believe there was anything else I could have done for her during those four days with me. I kept her company, fed her the nectar I bought for her, and took her to flowers outside to feed her those by hand. she just never seemed to get any better. she was never even close to being able to fly again, let alone making it across the Gulf of Mexico on her annual journey south for the winter, and she was late to begin with. I've learned more about hummingbirds than I'd ever known, and she taught me a little more about life. rest in peace, tiny one.

yesterday, today, and the day before account for a total of 150 scales ready for the acid. I've done more than my usual 30 per day because I need tomorrow for a homework day (though I'll probably sneak some in anyway). going to try to get another 30 or so done before I sleep tonight.

it's been rough for me the last couple of days.

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