Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I was pretty far behind this morning, but I did a 180. literally! I dipped and scratched on 180 new scales in one day. that's 6 days' worth, and now I'm back to being ahead.

that's the sight of 300 scales. I actually did 30 more after I took this picture.

in the last few weeks, I've been taking scales out of one of two bags. one is full, and one always looks like it has about 200 scales in it. or does it? I keep removing scales from this bag and it just never seems to get any less full. it's an endless bag of scales!

doesn't that look like 200 scales? yeah, it looked like that 3 weeks ago, too.

also, here's the last of my butter chicken from the recent half batch:

om nom nom.

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